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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Poker time

I've always been a big poker fan but haven't been able to play as often as I would like. I don't think I've played for a few months now. We used to have a weekly game here at the office but I haven't been able to get enough people worth while to do it lately.

I decided to play a bit online. Nothing serious. It was a 20 person tournament. I decided I was going to play a tight aggressive style. I was pretty quiet most of the first half of game. I was still hovering about the initial chip count for most of it.

I got a couple good hands, bet very aggressive and it started to work out for me. After not very long I was 2nd in chip count for the tournament with 11k. They merged the taples into a final table and I started off pretty aggressive and jumped to 22k, still in 2nd as the first place guy had 60k so I was quite far behind.

I was happy with my play so far. I really like tournament play as people play more honest. Non-tournament play seems to be more all over the place and hard to read people etc.

Anyways shortly after I got pocket kings, which I decided were going to be good enough and I went head to head with the chip leader. Not so long later I got exposed to what always beats pocket kings. Yes. If you've played poker you've been there before. Doh!


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