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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Intro to Nexxia Messenger

Well to start it all off. Business Week just published an article the other day that basically sums up what I have been working on in Nexxia Messenger for the last 3+ years of my free time.


Aside from that, Nexxia Messenger is really 2 things:

1. An Instant Messenger / VOIP soft phone desktop application client.
2. IM / VOIP service offering a tightly integrated communications platform.

Nexxia Messenger
This is mostly the client software. The thing I tried to achieve in this software is to make it as flexible as possible. Most plugin driven apps are designed in a way that the main part of the application is accessible via plugins. This meaning plugins are really an addon OF the main application. My goal was to make a system where the plugins ARE the application.

What does this mean? This means the meat of the application is implemented in the plugins, not the executable. This also means that any part of the application is replacable. The main window is a dynamically loaded plugin, so is the chat window, etc.

I feel this gives more of a IM platform that is very flexible. This allows users to install whichever plugins they wish. If your not happy with the chat window, replace it!

This is the C# Winforms application which has the goal of being as portable as possible. It is basically a Jabber client and IAX client which connects to a Jabber server and Asterisk server at the same time.

On the server side the Jabber server and Asterisk server are tightly integrated via server components. This gives Jabber the ability to receive phone system notifications etc.


  • Where can I get Nexxia? Is the source code available? How comes that Miguel only links to your blog, but not to a project page??

    By Blogger Christian, at 2:19 PM  

  • hah you know it's funny, 'cause my online alias is Nexxia, and has been for over a year now. AND my name is Christian, coincidentially similar to the person who posted above.

    This is like some kind of joke, but in reality it's not..

    By Blogger Christian, at 2:45 AM  

  • Hi

    Interesting article, particularly if you are using our company name and trading name of Nexxia. This is exclusive to us and i recommend you change the name you are using for your messenger.


    Simon Jacobs
    Managing Director

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:44 PM  

  • I am a second yr btech guy in computer field and have a keen interest in making an tiny chat servver IM having limited application
    as you have an chat projecct already one ,, Can this tiny form can be made within 6 months duration as, i want to select is as my course project ....

    By Blogger Unknown, at 5:07 AM  

  • I'd be happy to get the source code. Programming used to be my hobby but I had no time for it, now i work from home as an import export trader selling goods online, I have more time for myself and my hobbies!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:49 PM  

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