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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where I come from and where I'm going

I began getting started with .NET and C# in 2002 after I graduated from College. Pretty much liked it from the very beginning.

I have a personal project called Nexxia Messenger (which I will explain in greater detail in another blog) which was a VB 6 application. I decided to start this project from scratch in C#.

I had always enjoyed open source, although not getting involved too much. After hearing about the possibility of C# being a portable language I got much more interested at that point. This could ultimately make my application port to other operating systems.

I got involved in the Portable.NET open source implementation of the .NET CLI/CLR. Mainly the Winforms implementation where I wrote a few of the controls.

So thats where I began. Posts in the future will most definately come from the technologies I use in my quest to make a cross platform C# Winforms application.

The technologies you will hear me speak of generally will be: Portable.NET, .NET, C#, Jabber, Asterisk, IAX, Jingle and Mono.

I believe any company putting their future in .NET technologies should look at portability options. Many companies probably don't even know it but your application could most likely gain a broader client base via your product running on Linux or OSX and others.

Hopefully this blog will shed some light into what I go through trying to achieve portability in my application. Explain what goes smoothly, what does not go smoothly, and the progression as more pieces come together.


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