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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nexxia Linux Progress

I've been redesigning Nexxia Messenger to be more platform independant. I have been doing much testing on open source .NET runtimes that run on other operating systems.

My goal is to make the Linux version (and hopefully OSX) to look as identical to the Windows version as possible. Also the goal is to maintain 1 code base, and allow 1 executable run on all platforms. So far I have been able to achieve this.

Currently theres an issue with Jabber.NET threads and Control.Invoke, I'm trying to narrow these down this week.

If anyone is interested in what Nexxia Messenger is, I've started explaining the service I am trying to build in one of my blogs here.

I have been working on Nexxia Messenger and the services related with my buddy Sean who has been involved since the early days of the VB 6 version. We're making some really good headway lately.

Please leave some comments! I'm looking for feedback of what people think.


And finally the current versions on .NET and Mono compared:

Also just so everyone can see the great effort the Winforms team is doing, here are some of the bugs they have been fixing lately which I had reported/tested for them many of which are represented in the screenshots. There are many more!

Bug 77220 Bug 77669 Bug 76648
Bug 77279 Bug 77718 Bug 77219
Bug 77729 Bug 77526 Bug 77673
Bug 77659 Bug 77671 Bug 77672

Great work from Peter Dennis Bartok, Jackson Harper and the rest of the Winforms gang.


  • Nice work and kudos go to both you and the WinForms team. I should also point out that both of those embedded images up there link to the same URL. No wonder they look so similar! ;P

    By Blogger Dennis Craven, at 1:59 PM  

  • Fixed. Thanks for the tip :)

    By Blogger Simon, at 4:11 PM  

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